• Anderson style Unipolar Connectors: An Efficient Solution for Li-Ion Battery Packs

Anderson style Unipolar Connectors: An Efficient Solution for Li-Ion Battery Packs

Anderson style Connectors has become synonymous with high-quality and reliable power connectors for a wide range of applications. In recent years, these connectors have attracted attention due to their effective application in new energy lithium battery packs, including unipolar, bipolar, and tripolar series. Today, we're highlighting Anderson style Connectors' single pole series, including 15/45A, 75A, 120A and 180A models.

Unipolar Anderson style connectors are designed to provide an efficient and safe electrical connection for high power lithium battery packs. These connectors are known for their superior performance, reliability and durability, making them the first choice for many industrial and commercial applications.

Anderson style Single Pole 15/45A Connectors are designed to handle power loads up to 600V and 15A or 45A current capacity. Its compact design saves installation space, while its silver-plated contacts ensure maximum conductivity and corrosion resistance. The 15/45A connector is ideal for applications in batteries, inverters, and solar equipment.

For higher power applications, Anderson style Single Pole 75A Connectors provide a reliable and efficient connection up to 600V and 75A current capacity. The connector features a rugged, waterproof design ideal for use in harsh environments. 75A connectors are widely used in high-power electric vehicles, construction equipment, and renewable energy systems.

Anderson style Single Pole 120A Connectors offer a higher 120A current carrying capacity while maintaining the same 600V voltage rating. These connectors are designed for utility vehicles, electric forklifts, and other heavy industrial equipment. They are designed to withstand high temperatures, shock and vibration, ensuring long life and reliable performance.

Anderson style's single pole 180A connectors are designed to handle the highest power loads up to 600V and 180A current capacity. Th


Post time: Jun-01-2023