• New Electric Vehicle Plug: Anderson Plug SY40A Bipolar Connector

New Electric Vehicle Plug: Anderson Plug SY40A Bipolar Connector

In the ever-growing field of electric vehicles, there is a growing demand for efficient and reliable charging solutions. Introducing Anderson Plug SY40A Bipolar Connector, a cutting-edge product designed to meet the needs of electric vehicles, lithium battery packs, electric sweepers, electric dishwashers, and other compatible appliances.

Rated at 40A and rated at 600V, this innovative plug ensures fast and safe charging, making it the perfect choice for all your charging needs. The bipolar connectors come in three unique colors - gray, blue and red, providing flexibility and easy identification. What makes this plug unique is its unique design - there is no distinction between male and female connectors, allowing two plugs of the same type to be used in pairs easily.

Manufactured with premium PC UL94V-0 housing material, this electric vehicle plug guarantees durability and safety. The contact terminals are made of silver-plated copper to ensure good electrical conductivity. The plug is also designed to withstand high-frequency use, making it ideal for a variety of applications including electric vehicles, power supplies, medical equipment, industrial machinery, and military equipment.

CISIO-POWER Anderson SY40A Power Connector

The production process of Anderson Plug SY40A is injection molding, which ensures the precision and quality of each unit. Additionally, custom machining is available to meet specific requirements, making this plug a versatile choice on the market. The plug is also flame retardant, flame retardant and dustproof, ensuring maximum safety during operation.

cisio-power anderson connector 2 pins SY40A gray

To enhance the user experience, each Anderson Plug SY40A Bipolar Connector comes with the necessary accessories, including a connector housing and two terminals. This comprehensive package ensures you have everything you need to seamlessly set up and connect your devices.

In addition, we fully support OEM services, allowing you to customize plugs according to your brand specifications and requirements. This presents an opportunity for businesses to enhance their brand image and create a unique identity in the market.

All in all, the Anderson Plug SY40A Bipolar Connector is an excellent product that combines advanced features, excellent security measures, and customization options. Its compatibility with electric vehicles, lithium battery packs and a variety of other devices makes it an essential part of anyone who needs a reliable, efficient charging solution. With its impeccable design, the plugin facilitates not only Google inclusion, but also optimization and promotion, ensuring maximum visibility and exposure in the digital space. So make the smart choice and invest in the Anderson Plug SY40A Bipolar Connector for all your charging needs.

cisio-power anderson plugs two pole SY40A red

Post time: Jul-14-2023