• Industrial Plugs and Sockets, Couplers (Connectors) and Plug-in Device

Industrial Plugs and Sockets, Couplers (Connectors) and Plug-in Device

These products are used to connect and disconnect devices in a variety of applications. When safety, reliability and durability are top priorities, these industrial plugs and sockets are the first choice. Reliable contacts prevent interruptions and power outages, increasing productivity. Plus, rugged equipment helps prevent downtime and costs associated with maintenance. Secure connections also significantly reduce the risk of accidents.

We divide our range of industrial plugs and sockets into four groups:

- Simple and safe: high-quality products for basic applications.

- Rugged and safe: suitable for demanding applications and environments.

- Critical and Safe: Outlets with extra safety features.

- Fast and safe: industrial plugs, connectors, inlets and sockets with screwless terminal connectors.

Rely on these plugs and sockets for reliable, safe performance and minimum downtime.

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