• The Best Industrial Connector Solution – DIN80A Industrial Plug and Socket

The Best Industrial Connector Solution – DIN80A Industrial Plug and Socket

The male and female plug and socket connector system is crucial for a multitude of industrial applications and electromobility. Its high level of safety and reliability make it an attractive option for electric vehicles, charging stations, and battery systems. With male plugs featuring three pins and corresponding female sockets with three contact points, the system secures an electrical connection resistant to stress and vibration. One of its many benefits is its ability to transmit up to 850 volts and 400 amps, which is ideal for high-power applications like electric vehicles. The plug and socket system protects users against accidental contact via ergonomic handles and maximizing durability for fewer risks of failure. The plug and socket connector system is essential for a wide variety of applications in many industries, such as automotive and industrial automation, thanks to its high power capacity, safety features, and dependability.

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• Pin-Hole Contact Design
It produces lower conatct resistance when strong current pass through. Over wiping design cleans the mating surface when mating and unmating.

• Modular Housing
The voltage coding bar makes it easier to identify dfferent voltage conenctor and to avoid mis-mate.

• Pure Copper Conatct with Silver Plated
It is equipped with excellent performance.

• Compatibility
Compatible with products of the same type of manufacturers to meet multiple needs.



Rated Current(Ampers) 80A
Voltage Ratings(Volts) 150V
Power Contcts(mm²) 25-35mm²
Auxiliary Contacts(mm²) 0.5-2.5mm²
Insulation Withstand(V) 2200V
AVg. Insertion Removal Force (N) 53-67N
IP Grade IP23
Contact Material Copper with Silver plated
Housing PA66




Male-female plugs are commonly used in the following applications:
1.Automotive industry: These plugs are frequently used in vehicles to connect the battery to the engine, and in electric vehicles to connect the powertrain to the battery.
2.Marine industry: These plugs are commonly used on boats and other marine vessels to connect the electric motor to the battery.
3.Industrial applications: These plugs are used in various industrial applications, such as power generation, welding, and robotics.

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