• Reliable and Durable Solar Panel and Photovoltaic Connectors for Smart Energy Solutions PV-SYB01

Reliable and Durable Solar Panel and Photovoltaic Connectors for Smart Energy Solutions PV-SYB01

Photovoltaic connectors are specialized electrical connectors used in photovoltaic systems to connect solar panels to inverters, charge controllers, and other system components. They play a vital role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of a solar energy system. There are several types of photovoltaic connectors available on the market, including MC4, MC3. MC4 connectors are the most commonly used in residential and commercial installations due to their high compatibility and easy installation. They have a maximum voltage rating of 1,000 volts and a current rating of 30 amps. The construction of photovoltaic connectors is specifically designed for outdoor use and harsh weather conditions. The connectors are usually made of UV-resistant materials such as plastics and have a high level of ingress protection (IP rating) to prevent water intrusion. They also feature locking mechanisms that prevent accidental disconnection and provide a secure connection for the cables. Proper installation of photovoltaic connectors involves several steps to ensure their efficacy. First, the connector must be compatible with the specific solar panel being used. The connector must also be crimped correctly onto the cable to ensure a good electrical connection. Any exposed conductors must be covered with insulating material to prevent accidental short circuits. In conclusion, photovoltaic connectors are a critical component in any solar energy system. They provide a secure, weather-resistant connection between solar panels and other components, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety of the system. Proper installation and use of these connectors are key to the success of a solar energy project.

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Technical Data

Connector system Φ4mm
Rated voltage 1000V DC
Rated current 10A 15A
20A 30A
Test voltage 6kV(50HZ,1min.)
Ambient temperature range -40°C..+90°C(IEC) -40°C..+75°C(UL)
Upper limiting temper ature +105°C(IEC)
Degree of protection,mated IP67
unmated IP2X
Comtact resistanceof plug connectors 0.5mΩ
Contact material Messing,verzinnt Copper Alloy,tin plated
Insulation material PC/PPO
Locking system Snap-in
Flame class UL-94-Vo
Salt mist spray test,degree of severity 5 IEC 60068-2-52

Dimensional Drawing(mm)


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